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SaaS talent performance and engagement technology

Jan. 13, 2017

Building on their extensive work in human capital technology, Corey Greendale and Ken Wang's latest white paper provides a deep dive into the world of performance management and employee engagement, analyzing the economic, demographic, and technology drivers underpinning rapid evolution in approaches and solutions and profiling more than 50 private and public companies, many of which they believe are well positioned to be category leaders.

Employers increasingly view performance management and employee engagement as top priorities while rethinking traditional approaches, catalyzed by a challenging labor market characterized by employees increasingly willing to leave unengaging jobs and technologies that transform performance management from a dreaded, once-per-year art subject to significant bias to a data-driven, just-in-time science.

Increasing recognition of the importance of workplace culture and engagement, combined with the prevalent view of most employers that they are underprepared to address these areas, portends a growth scenario for providers of user-friendly technologies that allow employers to empower and receive feedback from their employees, align individual goals with company-wide objectives, and better motivate and engage workers.

First Analysis’ deep research into specific market segments allows it to source and add meaningful value to the companies in its venture portfolio as well as provide differentiated insights into the public markets. In combination with the technologies they discussed in their earlier Talent Acquisition & Analytics and Talent Development white papers, Greendale and Wang view the providers profiled in this report as essential elements of a holistic talent technology ecosystem that allows employers to maximize the value generated from their investments in people: a critical source of sustainable competitive advantage.

“Our earlier work in human capital has driven First Analysis’s successful investments in industry leaders such as talent acquisition technology company Yello and expense management technology company Chrome River and provided valuable insights into the public companies in the sector,” Greendale commented. “We view the use of predictive analytics and mobile-enabled, just-in-time technology to improve employee engagement and performance as the next wave in human capital technology, with providers well positioned to create value in both private and public markets.”

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