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Quarterly Insights: Medical Technology
Technology innovators are overcoming the pandemic's barriers to market
Medical procedures are resuming following the two-month suspension early during the pandemic that saw the U.S. surgical cancellation and reschedule rate surge to 88%. However, medical technology company sales representatives have not seen access restored to pre-pandemic levels, and it appears likely they never will. This and lingering effects of the pandemic on procedure volumes portend a rockier outlook for medical technology companies. Nonetheless, we see pockets of opportunity for innovative medical technology products and services. In particular, we highlight companies that provide software that helps medical technology companies engage with providers as well as medical technology companies that offer providers especially compelling tools for improving patient health. We also provide an overview of medical technology publicly traded stock performance and valuation, sector M&A activity, and private placements during the quarter.
Quarterly Insights: Pharma IT
How COVID-19 is reshaping clinical trials and commercialization
COVID-19 and its aftermath have intensified the already substantial challenges of bringing a drug through clinical trials and commercialization. However, we see an accelerating adoption of clinical trial software and technology-based solutions that overcome many of the COVID-19 obstacles as well as increase the speed and efficiency of clinical trials and commercialization efforts. We discuss the key relevant enabling technologies for clinical trials and highlight solutions that address COVID-19’s challenges to the commercialization process. We also provide an overview of pharma IT publicly traded stock performance and valuation, sector M&A activity, and private placements during the quarter.
Quarterly Insights: Process Technology
The war on coronavirus and innovation in process technology and services
In our first process technology quarterly insights report, we discuss how the worldwide effort to develop treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 will help transform global vaccine capabilities and be a catalyst to drive new, more productive technology platforms forward to commercialization. This effort will provide an additional tailwind on top of already healthy growth in the pharma service and technology sector. In this report, we discuss the types of companies best positioned to grow and profit as a result of these efforts. We also provide an overview of process technology publicly traded stock performance and valuation, sector M&A activity, and private placements during the quarter.
Quarterly Insights: Healthcare Technology
The Business of Healthcare in a World of COVID-19
The novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 is dramatically affecting the business of healthcare, wreaking havoc on the front lines and consuming much of the available capacity of healthcare infrastructure across the U.S. and internationally. However, the crisis has also allowed for increased innovation and collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem in response to these challenges. In this quarterly insight, we highlight some of the recent trends including rapid-cycle diagnostic innovation, the effective deployment of enabling technologies in support of COVID-19 efforts, and the growth of virtual care. We also provide an overview of payer and provider healthcare IT publicly traded stock performance and valuation, sector M&A activity, and private placements during the quarter.
Going beyond the pill
Digital solutions driving pharma commercialization and improving patient outcomes
Economic and regulatory pressures, pricing scrutiny, new industry stakeholders, and the explosion of real-world data have caused life sciences companies to rethink their commercialization strategies. By leveraging data-driven digital technologies, these companies can generate the insights needed to improve commercialization and patient outcomes. In this white paper, we explore digital technology solutions related to the drug commercialization process, highlighting numerous promising opportunities in this emerging sector.
eClinical Solutions
Streamlining the introduction of new drugs and medical technology
eClinical solutions help minimize drug development costs and improve efficiency by automating and streamlining the clinical trial process. They are key to optimizing return on investment in new drug development. In this white paper, we discuss the eClinical solutions market, including clinical trial management systems (CTMS), electronic data capture (EDC), and risk-based monitoring (RBM). We look at both the large eClinical solutions developers and the many smaller technology providers that are having an outsized impact on the direction of the market.
Healthcare analytics
Medication engagement technology-enabled services: Improving patient outcomes and safety and lowering healthcare costs
While stabilizing the individual health insurance markets has grabbed headlines, there is an increasing focus on how to solve the larger and more fundamental problems of the healthcare delivery system that are driving unsustainable cost increases. In this white paper, we discuss how the medication technology-enabled services market is addressing the problems of high and increasing prescription drug costs, a misalignment of incentives between payers and providers, and a lack of price transparency, and we profile some of the most important industry players in transparency, adherence, and medication management.
Molecular Healthcare
Genetic sequencing, next-generation sequencing, and the challenges and opportunities at hand
Molecular healthcare encompasses areas of industry development where we see significant opportunity over the next several years to improve healthcare outcomes and create substantial economic value. While molecular healthcare includes genomics, lipidomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, microbiomics, and metabalomics, to name a few, in this report we focus on the fast-moving area of genomics and the early-innings impact next-generation sequencing (NGS) is having on the proliferation of molecular diagnostics in the clinical setting. We also review genetic sequencing basics and profile the key publicly traded and privately held innovators and major players.
Healthcare IT
AHIP highlights favorable trends for transparency and precision medicine
Transparency and precision medicine were two major themes at the 2015 AHIP Institute conference we attended in June. In this report, we highlight a few emerging private companies in both areas, but most of our discussion focuses on the broader population health market, encompassing precision medicine and the goal to make treatment decisions on an individualized basis down to the DNA level. With respect to transparency, we continue to see a need for improved sources of quality information to complement cost data.
Healthcare analytics
A closer look at the healthcare analytics market
Analytic tools and technologies have become critical across sub-sectors of healthcare, including revenue cycle management (RCM), clinical interventions, and population health management, and represent a multi-billion market opportunity we believe will be largely captured by a group of emerging vendors. Our focus in this white paper is the area of clinical, financial, and operational analytic solutions targeting healthcare providers (primarily hospitals and health systems) vs. those vendors serving payers or pharmaceutical companies. We look at emerging private companies in the sector as well as a handful of publicly traded healthcare analytics companies.
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