First Analysis invests in innovative eClinical solution provider 4G Clinical

Leading global RTSM software provider aims to bring crucial medicines to those who need them, faster

CHICAGO – January 29, 2020 – First Analysis, a leading venture capital investor, has made a new minority investment in 4G Clinical. 4G Clinical is a global leader in randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) for the life sciences industry. First Analysis participated in the investment along with existing investors.

RTSM software enables critical processes within a clinical trial, from randomizing patients (who gets the active drug vs. the placebo) to dispensing drugs (ensuring patients receive the correct dose) to site resupply (controlling the flow of drug from the manufacturer to the depot to the clinical site).

As clinical trial complexity continues to rise, sponsors are adding more flexibility into protocols so that clinical programs can pivot based on the results mid-study rather than waiting until database lock. This accelerates the path to approval but requires nimble RTSM technology to operationalize. Poorly executed RTSM can put patients’ lives at risk, compromise study results, and slow study progress. It is estimated that every day a drug is not available on the market results in $1 million in unrecoverable lost revenue. 4G Clinical’s Prancer RTSM™ addresses these challenges, using natural language processing (NLP) and integrated supplies forecasting to bring speed and flexibility to clinical trials, all while offering exceptional quality and performance.

First Analysis has a long history researching, advising, and investing in healthcare technology opportunities ranging from venture-stage companies to established industry leaders. As with all its investments, First Analysis’s integrative research process was key to identifying and understanding 4G Clinical’s potential.

First Analysis Vice President Joseph Munda specializes in medical and pharmaceutical technology and led the First Analysis 4G investment team. Munda, who authored the January 2018 white paper eClinical Solutions: Streamlining the introduction of new drugs and medical technology, commented, “The costs and risks associated with developing new therapeutics – mainly related to drug trials – continue to increase. In the face of these pressures, life sciences companies are adopting eClinical technologies like 4G’s to optimize return on investment and time to market. These technologies minimize drug development costs and improve efficiency by automating and streamlining the clinical trial process.”

4G Clinical CEO and co-founder David Kelleher said, “We’re immensely pleased to have Joe and the rest of the First Analysis team as a partner in our efforts. They will be a valuable contributor in our mission to bring crucial medicines to those who need them, faster.”

About 4G Clinical

4G Clinical is a leader in randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) for the global life sciences industry, offering the only fully cloud-based, 100% configurable and flexible solution utilizing natural language processing (NLP) and integrated supply forecasting. 4G Clinical is headquartered in the Boston Biotech corridor of Wellesley, MA, with offices in Europe and Asia.

About First Analysis

First Analysis is a leading venture capital investor, having invested more than $800 million over four decades. With our integrative research process, we aim to invest in the best, established rapid-growth companies in the targeted sectors where we are acknowledged experts and where our success benefits not only our investors, but also our broader society and environment. The integrative research process combines 1) dynamic investment research on thousands of publicly traded and privately held companies with 2) thousands of relationships among executives, investors, and other key participants in our focus areas, yielding a deep, comprehensive understanding of each sector’s near-term and long-term potential. We help companies become profitable leaders in large markets, funding growth plans, working closely with management in areas including strategy, recruitment, sales and marketing, and corporate development, and typically investing $3-10 million as lead investor or as a syndicate partner who brings valuable perspective.

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Joseph Munda
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First Analysis invests in innovative eClinical solution provider 4G Clinical – Jan 2019

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