First Analysis portfolio company Princeton Lightwave acquired by Ford-backed Argo AI for self-driving car effort
Princeton Lightwave

CHICAGO – November 8, 2017 – Argo AI, an artificial intelligence and robotics company backed by Ford Motor Co. as part of Ford’s self-driving car initiative, has acquired First Analysis portfolio company Princeton Lightwave, which develops and commercializes high performance photonic sensors that can be used to create a three-dimensional view of the world via LiDAR (light detection and ranging) for autonomous vehicles.

The technology that underpins Princeton’s lineup of LiDAR sensors — which already serve the commercial mapping and defense industries — will help Argo extend the range and resolution needed to achieve self-driving capability in challenging urban environments. Princeton Lightwave’s technology also complements and expands the capability of LiDAR sensors already available to the automotive industry today.

During its history, Princeton evaluated a number of applications for its technology. Ultimately, the confluence of technology advancements enabling autonomous vehicles became a compelling opportunity. First Analysis Managing Director Tracy Marshbanks, Ph.D., commented, “It’s exciting to see Princeton’s superior technology and team joining with Argo and Ford to tackle the demanding but enormous self-driving opportunity.”

Advanced sensors are a key technology component in many areas where First Analysis specializes, ranging from the Internet of things to medical/pharma technology to cybersecurity to environmental technology. Princeton specializes in technology for detecting and processing photons digitally, precisely, and in real-time. Its expertise, called Geiger-mode LiDAR technology, is critical to a host of emerging applications concerned with improving situational awareness and security. As an integrated system, its GeigerCruizer automotive LiDAR provides an eye-safe LiDAR with a range beyond 300 meters.

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First Analysis portfolio company Princeton Lightwave acquired by Ford-backed Argo AI - November 2017

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